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Contessa Homeopathic Liquid (Single or Pack of 2 bottles)

Contessa Homeopathic Liquid (Single or Pack of 2 bottles)

$ 14.99

For over 60 years this homeopathic remedy has been one of the most popular female tonics in Germany. According to homeopathy, this remedy increases circulation in female organs and intestinal tract. It promotes hormonal balance, strengthens the cardio-vascular system and calms the nerves. Contessa is also a supportive remedy for physical and mental exhaustion, sleeplessness, menopausal disturbances, hot flashes, metabolic disturbances, depression, and irritability.  

Agnus 3x, Aclemilla vulgaris 1x, Asperula 1x, Caulophyllum 4x, Chamomilla 1x, Cimicifuga 3x, Cinchona 2x, Convallaria 3x, Crocus sativus 3x, Cyclamen 3x, Damiana 3x, Heelonia 2x, Hydrastis 3x, Lilium 4x, Mentha pip 1x, Naja 8x, Rosmarinus 1x, Senecio aureus 4x, Staphysagria 4x, Valeriana 1x, Viola odorata 1x

Suggested Use
1 tablespoon two to three times daily, before meals.
Not intended for children under 12 years of age.

Made in Germany
Contessa Homeopathic Liquid is standardized and pharmaceutical grade. This means each particular active ingredient is always present in the same concentration, tested via high pressure liquid chromatography and registered with the German BFARM (Germany’s equivalent of our FDA).